New tracks other then the above mentioned are :- 

  • Put to a Pause (regarding thpneumonia he had when he was born)
  • Expectations (regarding a recent crush)
  • Break A bone (regarding anti jews because youtube deleted his other song in which he dissed jews)
  • Player Gets Betrayed ( a lyric that he made as Karlim, just to bring back Karlim in the game)

King Qzer aka Karlim is now a member of a Newly made band known as Qaaz. Lyrics and beats are being put down and will soon be put up on this website... 

More followers on twitter are increasing day by day. To add,

King Qzer recently had made the following tracks to diss his haters ( shaheer, hasan, arbal) :-

  • watch me
  • brotherhood
  • extortion
 A recent rap battle also happened between Qzer and Shaheer, it can be found in the blog entries under Yo !

New launch, myoevolution has been completed and Now Qzer is working on his new Cd, called The Inside.

All Albums are up for sale. Prelude, MA Vita, and MyOEvolution. Price is Rs.60, $1.00, or 50 quids.

Incase of purchase, contact us, we are offering free delivery till June 09.

King Qzer is making a new track called La La Laa ft. Danish Rauf.

King Qzer recently launched his own Rap School, in which he will be training people how to rap.

Qzer is one of the leaders in the latest RAP MOVEMENT, a major project in which him and his friends are planning to restore rap and hip hop back in karachi.

Release of the new single has been done, its called Choun Loun Mein Aasmaan - Arsalan Asif ft. King Qzer

Qzer is currently working on alot of new singles.

Qzer recently produced the following tracks which can be heard on :-

  • my lifes like a CD
  • crimes in my time
  • its in our blood
  • my swaag
  • haters wont die , ft Eramad, Dj Sameer ( a must listen )

His last album is called THE INSIDE in which he will be putting his best out and letting you all know what hes really made up of. 

Qzer now officialy owns lifelinethugs productions.

LLT is growing massively.

Qzer is coming out with a 2nd rap video, called CRUNK'tion - Qzer ft. Desi Munda, Warlock.

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