Q.    How did you come up with Qzer or Karlim as a rap name ?


Ummm, well, see i didnt even know i was going to rap so it was not something i had in mind for years. I was one day trying to make my signature and wrote qasim in such a way that it spelled carlim. I didnt keep it at that moment. I used my signature alot for various purposes and everyone read it carlim. So they actually nicknamed me carlim. As i digged deeper down into my self and started rapping and making lyrics, people suggestem me to use carlim as a rap name. So i did. But years later from that i realized that my french teacher in Pakistan used to call me karlim (pronounced kaghim). So maybe i thought this name was made for me or something. Then i went on with karlim for a year or so. Then as i discovered the hip hop world and rap game, most of the rappers had two nicknames, like , eminem aka slim shady. So i started thiking of a new rap name since then. I was facinated by the russian word czar, meaning king, emperor, one who rules. I was trying to pronounce it right once i accidently said qzer ( kazaar ). Then and there i was like man this has got to be it. And tadah ! thats how i got my rap names. 

         Q.    Who was your main inspiration and how did he inspire you ?


 Eminem, eminem , and eminem. Im a die hard fan of eminem. I was only 11 once my cousin sold me his radio shack sterio on which every day at 9 40 pm they used to play loose your self by eminem. To be honest i didnt even know what rap was at that time. But unlike normal people, i could catch up with his pace, his speed, his flow, his style, his depth. I listened to that song again and again till the radio stopped playing it. Then i asked my cousin of who this eminem dude was. Then he led me more and more into this. But i tried singing his song but couldnt at first and then without a second wasting i accidently came up with my own lyrics. I used to sing it in the shower, at dinner, all the time, but my version. Once my sis said " wow thats a nice song, who is it by " , i said " well, it by eminem, but lyrics are all mine". So then for a second i paused and then realized, crap, i can rap !

       Q.     Whats your favourite song and why ?


Well, i kinda like all of my songs because i know how much effort i put into it actually tells me what its worth. I've had some really bad recordings and sometimes amazing recordings as well. Sometimes i was in a hurry and sometimes i just wanted to kill time. So for what its worth, i like all of my songs. But if i have to pick out a favourite track out of each album then it would go like this ( prelude : Sound was like - because i really expressed my self in this track)                  ( ma vita : ma vita - i kinda put a lil sad, confused part of my life out there in that track )                                               ( myoevolution : white crow - its a complete new message that im trying to give to people )                                            ( the inside : cant say anything yet, its not complete )


        Q. Whats your favourite song and why ?


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         Q.    Do you ever think i will make it to the top? why or why not ?

        Q.   What do you think i need to improve in? and how should i do that ?

          Q. What do you think about my lyrics? flow ? voice ?

Q. If you had to compare me with another rapper who would it be ?

            Q.  Rate me out of ten ? and explain why you gave those points ?


  Q. Why do you hate me ?

Q  Have I ever personally attacked you? your crew? your opinion? how ?

  Q.  What do you want to do to me ?


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